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Following are some of the presentations and talks I have given on various occasions.

July 2012: #FutureDay by Bertelsmann Stiftung – Berlin, Germany
Germany’s largest media foundation Bertelsmann Stiftung organized a one-day ‘Future Day’ event and was attended by prominent figures including policy makers and European delegates. I gave a brief presentation on how tech and business outsourcing enables Pakistan’s relevance in economic globalization.


October 2011: International Bloggers Meeting – Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
I represented Pakistan in specific and South Asia in general at the first even International Bloggers Meeting hosted by Brazilian government in 2011. It was an honour being part of the discussion panel “Experiences in Asia and Middle East” along with renowned media personalities including Pepe Escobar, Jillian C York and Ahmed Al Omran. It was such a pleasure meeting personalities like Wikileaks’ Kristinn Hrafnsson and the celebrity cartoon activist Carlos Latuff who loves Pakistan by the way.


Other than being part of the discussion panel, I also gave a presentation on evolution and growth of digital media in Pakistan and how it is being used for activism and causes. You can read a roundup of the event by Jillian on this link. She mentions my presentation too.

This massive event was live interpreted in three languages switchable through the earphones. Unfortunately there are no videos available of the presentations but I did manage to grab a clip of closing remarks. You can watch me saying good bye in the following video at around 22:00 minutes.

July 2009: Punjab IT Board – Lahore, Pakistan
I was with the panel that gave a talk to the Punjab IT Board employees on emerging trends including blogging and digital media. The panel was headed by Google’s former Pakistan head Badar Khushnood.

A screenshot from the event

A picture from the event

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