Welcome to My Home Page


jyfMKeHmHi everyone,

Welcome to my personal home page. This is where you get every information about me, my work and life.

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I’m an award-winning blogger and seasoned digital communications professional. Having over a decade of work experience, I have dwelled into every dimension the digital communications entail including:

– Content Writing
– Copywriting
– Editing/Proofreading
– Branding
– Art Direction
– Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation and Execution
– Blogging
– Domain Research
– Brand Activation
– News/Digital news production
– Digital Storytelling
– Filmmaking
– Direction
– Script writing
– Story-boarding

along with a bunch of other “technical” stuff including

– Graphics Designing
– Video Editing
– 2D Animation
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Website Design

As you must have gathered from information above, I pretty much do everything when it comes to the digital communications and I’m not apologetic about it 😉

Current Gigs

I currently work as Social Media Manager at Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU), Punjab Education Sector Reforms Programme (PESRP), School Education Department, Government of the Punjab. I handle the overall digital communications — and sometimes offline communications too — of the School Education Department of Pakistan’s Punjab province. The department currently implements reforms programmes with funding and support from international organisations including the World Bank.

Besides that, I run my award-winning blog guppu.com and its digital presence.

In the Past

I have worked as Digital Editor at Dunya News Network from January, 2014 until October, 2016. Prior to that I worked for Bertelsmann Foundation’s FutureChallenges.org project as Regional Editor from December 2009 to December 2013.